Using 3D modeling and the latest innovations in computer design, we’ll create a visual roadmap to bring your ideas to life. We’ll then execute in a timely manner while ensuring the highest quality of work.

You have the idea – now what? We can work with your engineers or architects to shape a design plan that works within your specific needs, timeframe and budget. We are flexible and can integrate seamlessly at any stage of the design process, or through any transition.

If you have the design but still need the execution, we’re here to make it happen. From the most basic blueprint to a completely custom project, our team is up to the task. When you present your design, we’ll put together a competitive bid that works to meet your budget and timeline.

Our history of large, complex projects utilizing an integrated BIM / VDC approach allows for project success that’s achieved through enhanced coordination, cooperation and common goals with all project stakeholders.

Whether it’s installation, repair or maintenance, our mechanical and plumbing team is available to deliver quality service and advice on the systems that keep your business running smoothly. We can handle any size job in nearly any type of facility.

Our expansive, 16,000 sq. ft. fabrication shop provides us with the space, tools and people we need to design, craft and implement custom parts and pieces. Having an off-site facility dedicated to fabrication allows us to exercise greater quality control, increase efficiency, and stage and prep pieces for delivery.

We understand companies are looking to increase value while reducing unnecessary costs. Lean construction is one efficient, holistic project approach that maximizes value while looking for areas to cut excess. Our work history includes large, complex projects that utilize many significant lean construction principles, including the JW Marriott, Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital and Cummins Indianapolis Headquarters. These facilities utilized methodologies where success was realized when traditional silos of knowledge, expertise and work were broken down to allow for open and honest communication.

There are times when the need outweighs the time, and you must move quickly and efficiently to complete a project. In these times, overlapping the design and build phases is possible, and can be a critical factor in the success of your build. When time is tight, we are able to work with you to fast-track the build so that it coincides with the evolution of the design. We’ll help you simultaneously manage both, so the end product is exactly what you need… when you need it.



Above quality, time crunches and service, safety always comes first. And when you have a safe and reliable work environment, the rest of those values fall in line. We consider our health safety & environment program and policies to be among the most stringent in our industry, across the nation. Our recent entry into the Coalition of Construction Safety (CCS) as a CCS Safety Certified Contractor underscores our commitment to the safety and well-being of our workforce. Our three-year average for TRIR and DART place us among the top 20 percent of the national average of mechanical contractors. We are currently entered into the Indiana Department of Labor Partnership Program sponsored by CCS. Our experience modification rating (EMR) history reinforces our commitment to construction safety. We are pleased to report that we have received zero citations from safety or regulatory agencies over the past three years.


2016-2017: .72

2015-2016: .68

2014-2015: .69